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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

100 Foods to Try for Real Foodies

Recently I took a Facebook quiz: 100 foods to try before you die. It inspired me to compile a proper list of worldwide dishes, not a deranged semi-worldwide/semi-totally-American list of foods.

The idea is quite beautiful.  There is a great deal I could say about foods from a religious point of view that would help shape a really great list, but my personal list will include only foods that I think are universally delicious and interesting.

Granted I have my American favorites.  While I pull chicken and waffles from the list I also don't add a McDonald's hamburger. Maybe I'll give America a few slots for cheeseburger, BBQ, and green bean casserole. We'll see.  I doubt it.

This is going to take a little while. 

I also have some interesting pictures from my recent vacation.  Please excuse my lapses in blogging.  I have been incredibly preoccupied.  I'll get back into the routine now.

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