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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cannery Row Brewing Company

I don't like beer but I've found that fresh brewed brewery beer can sometimes be pretty darn good.  This awesome little place in Monterey offered a beer flight that sounded fantastic to me because I just wanted the cider (middle left) and then there was one called double chocolate (bottom right). 
As it turns out, I loved both of those.  The Tipsy Seagull Signature didn't do anything for me, I don't remember what else was ok, but how much fun is a flight of interesting beer?!

For some reason I thought the Monterey aquarium was going to be a whole lot more fantastic than it was.  Maybe because sometimes they have a great white shark there.  That would be something to see.  I did enjoy seeing el pulpo and a ton of jellyfish and frankly, I'd pretty much like to live in an aquarium so I guess any time I have a chance, I go to them.

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