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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cafe Bastille

My parents wanted French for dinner tonight and after a few experiences here I can say that San Francisco really does have some wonderful cafes.

I picked Cafe Bastille because it wasn't too expensive, was close to our hotel and had good reviews.

It is in a little alley near to Union Square. The kids were scared but for no reason. It was adorable and completely French.

We ordered Cesar salad and it came with anchovies on it which I have never seen before and I wasn't crazy about but still it was fresh and good. The bread, of course, was amazing.

I ordered French onion soup and can safely say it was the best I have had since I can remember. My Mom shared a flank steak with Grace which even Noah ate quite a bit of because it was that delicious.

He had the gnocchi. I am certain there is no one on this earth snobbier about gnocchi than me. I don't make it to my own standards and almost no one else does either. This was good gnocchi.

We got the truffle cream sauce on the side because of Noah but Grace and I ended up enjoying it. We dipped fries, bread, cheese and everything else in it.

I ordered a cheese plate and it was so amazing. I've never tasted goat cheese so fresh before. I am such a cheese fanatic!

We really enjoyed our meal and I was so proud of the kids for being little foodies in training. They were perfectly behaved and we really had a fun dinner.

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