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Monday, February 20, 2012


Tonight my daughter was writing a list of fruits.  She wrote down 26 in a short span of time with only a little bit of help from me.

I believe that both of my children are bound to be foodies because their mother and father both are.  My son is much pickier, so to speak than my daughter but I imagine that will only lead to him being an even greater foodie as he gets older because he will notice his tastes changing and at some point, hopefully he will actively pursue the expansion of his palate the way I did as I got older.

In any case it was fun to watch her list out all of the fruits she could think of and I noticed that she missed a lot of fruits that she knows so the list will continue to grow!

There are just so many fruits in the world.  I looked it up on the Interwebs and dear old Wikipedia gave me a great big list of what they call culinary fruits.

Because, although we forget it, a fruit is technically or botanically speaking a certain part of a flowering plant and I think that means there are a whole lot of fruits people don't eat.  I'm not sure if that is the case but what I was astounded to find out was that most vegetables and all nuts are actually the fruit of a plant. Our distinctions between vegetables, fruits and nuts have everything to do with taste and texture.

A thing that we call a vegetable instead of a fruit is called that because it's not sweet.  A thing that we call a nut is hard, oily and has a shell.

In other words, if it comes from a plant and has a seed in it or seeds in it - that makes it a fruit because botanically speaking fruit is simply the way a plant disseminates its seeds.

What is a seed?  It is pure potential.  It is the beginning of an idea, a life, it holds inside it endless possibility.  A seed is perfection, wholeness that sprouts into chaos only to settle into the harmony of its fulfillment as it yields new seeds, their origin long forgotten.

What could be more miraculous than a seed?   If you aren't with me yet then think of this.  You came from a seed and that seed came from a seed all the way back to the beginning of time.   There is no break between you and Adam.  It's not possible.  He is part of you and you are part of him.  

To me, fruit is the perfect food, and now that I know how many vegetables, spices and grains are technically fruit, in addition to all nuts, I'm kind of thinking about becoming a fruitarian.

The best part of making that fruit list with my girl tonight was when she remarked how many fruits there are and said, "I bet I like them all."

The list of culinary fruits is very long, but it is finite.  There are only so many fruits in this world and someone could try them all and know them all.  But then again, that's not true.  Because of course there are an infinite number of hybrid fruits that occur when two different fruits that are similar enough mix together and form something new, even though maybe whatever that is can't make its own fruit.

There you have it.  The only thing I am possibly more obsessed with than fruit is cheese and that is another story.

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