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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I love Mountain View.  I know, it's weird to love a little suburb in Silicon Valley.  But the food, people!  I can't even start telling you about the food!  It's soooooooo good!  Yeah, I'm on a diet...

So it's time for a book report.

Haruki Murakami's masterpiece 1Q84 landed at my doorstep in late October 2011.  I pre-ordered it so the thick, heavy hard cover arrived in my mail the day it came out.  Then it sat on my night table where I looked at it every night but didn't crack it open for at least a month if not two.  Once I started reading it, it took me quite a while to finish it.    

Murakami always writes surreal novels.  I enjoy every one of them but I can't claim to know what is happening while I'm reading or even at the end when it's all said and done - until this novel.  Normally it's exactly like dreaming and for the most part dreams just don't make sense even though they can be very lovely.

1Q84 is written so magnificently that you can follow every moment clearly while still having that sensation that you are experiencing a dream.  In his perfect balance of surreal and real, Murakami has absolutely mastered his craft.

I have loved Murakami since I read Hard Boiled Wonderland 15 years ago.  He is my favorite author. The first time I felt a personal connection with him was a few years ago when I read his short story A Folklore for My Generation: A Prehistory of Late-Stage Capitalism.   This story was absolutely wrenching for me to read and literally set my life on a new course. 

I suppose for people who don't remember their dreams or don't like bending reality, 1Q84 might not be so enjoyable.  But I can describe this book no other way than to tell you I feel as if Murakami wrote it for me personally.  Reading this story at this time in my life was jarring.  I wanted to call him and talk to him about my life and his book.  I still want to.

Spoiler alert:  
1Q84 is the story of a man and a woman who share moments of tenderness at a young age and spend the next 20 years secretly loving each other.  

They do nothing to see each other or find each other and live their own lives while each holds the other in their hearts.  

It takes entering another, parallel world - the world of 1Q84 (as opposed to 1984) for them to find each other.  

There are several different plot lines in this book, but at the heart of it is incredibly powerful love.  The love that is born at the end of childhood innocence when a permanent bond can sometimes form under just the right circumstances.  Nothing in this or any other world can tamper with that kind of love.

It's quite a story!  

I'm just waiting for anyone I know to read it so I can talk to someone about it.  

(I don't really think Murakami wrote this for me and it certainly isn't about me, he's just that good of a novelist!)

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