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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Room Service

We travel a lot it seems. I don't think we ever order room service but the kids know what it is. They don't want to sit around in the hotel room so we never order it.

Somehow after our last vacation I promised my daughter I would give her room service but it never happened until this morning.

Last night she ordered a deli roll, a cucumber and water to be delivered to her room at 7:15. I managed to have it there by 6:35.

It was fun to sit with her and watch her eat breakfast in bed. I also made Trader Joes croissants for Noah. She talked about all the places she wants to go back to and her favorite was Alaska of all places.

She said that she wants to live on that cruise ship. I was very excited because of course there are many good jobs on cruise ships. The line that impressed her so much was Celebrity.

But the moment I started to tell her how she could live on a cruise ship by working on one she informed me that she just wanted to be a customer. She said that she might try to pull off something like the Marx brothers would. She would pay to get on but then stay forever. I didn't see that movie.

What's better than breakfast in bed? I guess living on an Alaskan Celebrity cruise.

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