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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Half Moon Heaven

This was an incredible Passover. I know it's still Passover, I just mean that yesterday and today have been amazing.

This year I am in a dream house in a dream town with the love of my life and our four little kids.

I realized last night just how ready I was for what I had to do. Years of hosting Passover but with more help from my Mom and sister than preparing on my own made me sure I could host but unsure of how it would turn out with no help.

I actually had an incredible helper in my husband who smoked the most delicious brisket I've ever had. And the kids helped me set our little card table. And every one behaved and participated.

It was easy to get ready for Pesach. I knew what to do to make the Seder happen from chopped liver to gefilte fish to matzah ball soup - I knew how to lead our Seder.

The six of us crammed around our table and went through the blessings and the rituals and ate and drank until the kids ran off and we just sat and enjoyed our new chaotic family.

I even had all the Easter eggs ready with candy in them so that today we can hide them and have a hunt and tomorrow we will go to the Easter sunrise service outside at the Lutheran church in town.

This is our family and it makes me very grateful and very humble (and tired).

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