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Monday, April 23, 2012

Oklahoma Joes

I know I have settled into life in California because I see my visits to Kansas as just that. Visits. And I'm painfully aware of what I won't be able to get in terms of food when I am away from here.

So tonight I took my kids to Oklahoma Joe's for dinner. I've never bothered to do this before because I wouldn't dare sully the heavenly indulgence with their complaints.

But these kids have become sophisticated through second marriage. My daughter ordered the slab of ribs without a second thought and before I even explained the menu.

My son asked for chicken fingers and complained halfheartedly, "why did we have to come here?" I promptly ordered him the kids brisket explaining we had to come to get the best BBQ in Kansas.

They ate and ate and I am proud because just as I always feel at home in NY, my soon-to-be California kids will always be little cowboy/cowgirls at heart (and stomach).

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