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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kansas City Favorites

The restaurants I will miss when living in the Bay area include:

I love their bread and tomato butter and all their food and I just dig that restaurant. It's my favorite.

La Bodega
I love tapas and they have a great vibe.

Steak tartare in the lounge is unmatched anywhere.

Oklahoma Joe's
Favorite BBQ but too painful to miss. Only edible once a year anyway.

Korma Sutra
No doubt it is really Mr. Singh who I will miss. My favorite Indian food and my favorite restaurateur by far.

Places I never eat anyway but so far irreplaceable:

The Peanut
BLT. Temptation...

Best fancy schmancy dining in KC. Love the chef and his wife.

Saigon 39
Favorite bun.

Kobe burger with truffle fries I will miss the chance to resist your temptation.

People, I expect to find places in the San Francisco area that replace these favorites!

Did I forget any Kansas City spectaculars?

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