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Thursday, May 17, 2012


I like when people talk about the nature of others.  The personality tests that put you in a category and type you.  The idea that people fall into categories. It is true that we each have a different nature.  The type A, the type B etc.  It is certainly true that birth order determines a lot about who we are and how we view the world and interact with it.

Recently Time published their magazine with an outrageous cover on it and I just read an article that I love about being a Mom that came out of the hoopla around that Time issue: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/ignore-time-breastfeeding-cover-never-ask-mom-enough-185319610.html

I love this article because it articulates something that good Moms know but maybe never thought to say this way before.

I personally love being a Mom more than anything in the world.  If I had unlimited funds I'd have as many kids as I could.  But, there is something unique about being a Mom and if you don't know this secret about not doing things you hate then you can end up missing out on the absolute joy of raising kids.

I really am that lady who would gladly spend the day with my kids and my nephews and some of their friends.

I love my kids' friends. I would pretty much do anything for any kid - including feed them, clothe them etc.

But am I good Mom? Maybe sometimes.

Recently I have realized that everyone has their own internal concepts regarding obligation. I'm guessing if you took a random survey of one hundred people you would find quite a variety of beliefs surrounding obligation.

As usual, I am appalled that anyone thinks their personal obligations are correct and should be observed by all people. Yet this is also common.

Personally, I look to the commandments as a great set of guidelines but I have come to realize that even these obligations are given to us by our parent - G-d - as an opportunity for us to be close to Him.

You see how that works? These obligations are in place for our good. Fundamentally, I believe that any so-called obligation that hurts a person is really misguided.

We have one obligation in life. To elevate our souls. Lots of ways to do this but there is no way that anyone else knows what your way is.

Living a life of responsibility will fill you with peace and joy. Living a life where you attempt to fulfill someone else's idea of obligation sounds painful.

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