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Friday, June 15, 2012

Zuni Cafe

Last week I drove into San Fran to try the reported best burger in the city.

The most interesting things there were the Navarro grape juice and the zucchini pickles. They gave me a $7 wine glass of admittedly delicious and absurdly over priced grape juice.

The burgers are good. I make better burgers. Focaccia as the bun of a burger will never, ever make sense to me. But, as someone who loves bread I have never understood focaccia. Why dump oil into bread like that? Gross.

Would I go back? Frankly I would not bother. The Kobe burger at Blanc is much better.

I really wonder how their burgers got listed this way. Maybe because of In and Out burger. I'm thinking that in a place where you can eat that kind of burger you get pretty confused about what's note worthy.

So my list of KC favorites does include Blanc after all.

The list of Kansas City irreplaceables for me includes:
La bodega
Bluestem (just for the wagyu tartare appetizer)
Oklahoma Joe's
Korma Sutra (because the food is great and Mr. Singh is fantastic)

Then there are those places like Blanc that are kind of whatever. I really like them but I can live without them.
Peanut - just for their BLT
Story - always a culinary masterpiece but pricey and pretentious
Saigon 39 - best bun I've ever had but a dive

That's my KC love it list.

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