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Monday, July 30, 2012

Cotton Candy

My favorite kitchen toy is my Back to Basics Cotton Candy maker. I know that sounds funny and it is because who likes cotton candy?  It's the worst!

But I love my cotton candy maker because it is really easy to use and easy to clean and totally fun.

All you need to use it is sugar.

You turn it on and have fresh spun sugar webs that you can eat or play with or whatever.

I lucked into this purchase because I was not with my kids on their birthdays this year and I felt so guilty about it that I was looking for some super fun crazy present to send them so they could have extra fun on their actual birthdays.

It was not expensive at all and I knew they would love it. I didn't realize that no one would be willing to try using it with them but never mind.

This really is just about the easiest and most fun you can have with kids in the kitchen. I use colored sugar but you can use regular sugar and you can even use crushed hard candy. I used crushed mints in this video and soon I will try crushed peppermint, hard toffee etc.

To my dear friends in Kansas who are dealing with endless oven-like temperatures.  This is a really fun thing to do with your kids indoors.   Get creative with it and send me pictures!!

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