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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gordon Ramsay

Since I can't get anyone to give me gazpacho recipes I'll just tell you all about Gordon Ramsay's steak place at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas.  Below you will see three side dishes.  Truffle potatoes, mac and cheese and mushrooms.  The mac and cheese inspired me to figure out how to make a killer one of my own which I have nailed according to me.
This beet salad was delicious and I would order it again, although I was made fun of for ordering it. 
The chicken was mighty tasty, especially because it came with fois gras, which I can't get in California as of July 1.
Here is a view of the Paris hotel pool and the lovely Eiffel Tower restaurant.  I especially enjoyed the pool because we had a cabana.  Thank you Mark!
Speaking of Mark, he had the good sense to order the fish and chips which is what I recommend you get when you eat here.
I definitely recommend the tortellini below as well as the steak tartare.  Listen, even the bread was fantastic here.  I have learned, by the way, a secret to good steak tartare.  Always serve it with potato chips.
This soup was amazing - I don't normally like fish eggs but they made this one.  A superior dining experience - even though none of us ordered steak.

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