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Monday, July 16, 2012


What I love most about where I live in California is the fact that a third of the population here is Asian.

That means I can get this in the grocery store.
That's a whole lot of good yumminess for $6.  Shiritaki, carrots, enoki and shiitake mushrooms, shiso leaves, onions, green onions and cabbage.  I didn't show you a picture of the sukiyaki meat because it's kind of gross.

I only make sukiyaki every once in a while because it's a big ordeal - but not when you can just buy this.

I like to use shabu shabu meat though I realize.  It's less fatty.

Last night when I was putting my daughter to bed she asked if we could go to Bo Ling's for dim sum and I told her I would bring her to dim sum this week in San Mateo. She also asked when we can go to Chipotle. 

It's so cute how they ask to go to US Toy or other places they know in KS.  When I was that age I only knew how to ask to got to McDonald's I think...


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