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Monday, October 1, 2012

Dwelling in my Sukkah

Saturday night we watched Ushpizin, a wonderful movie about faith in Hashem and the holiday that is upon us.

Sunday my husband built me a sukkah and last night we lit candles and dined in our 8x8 hut.

After 10 years of wanting to do it, I finally decided to build a sukkah and if you want to do it too you can take my learning and spend about $100 or much less even.  It's really easy.

Here is what we used:
4 8ft 3/4 in PVC pipes
4 7ft 3/4 in PVC pipes
4 PVC joints and 4 adapters
3 8x10ft nylon tarps
duct tape

We built the shell of our sukkah very quickly and easily but found that our original plan to create a foundation for the four poles with four sand-filled flower pots was not going to work.

My husband jammed the poles deep into huge planters that I personally couldn't move and then he anchored the poles with heavy twine.

You could save money using sheets instead of buying the tarps.

The roof of the sukkah is something we didn't quite get right but you need about 6 9ft light pieces of wood or bamboo to lay across the top so you can put branches on top there.

We put 4 poles up there and a bunch of branches from our fig tree.

The whole thing cost us about $115 but this is buying stuff at a lot more than you will find it at Home Depot because we live in a small town in California.

I wonder if we will be sent guests.

Here are pictures...
Originally we put the poles into flower pots filled with sand.  Don't do this.  It doesn't work.
Stick them in big planters like this.
This is the finished sukkah. It is awesome!
Pizza in the hut... traditional sukkot food.
View from under the schach looking up at the sky.

I'm loving this holiday! 

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