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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

San Francisco Food Trucks

Food Trucks are all the rage and I'm very happy about that.  Today was my first experience with the food trucks of San Francisco.

Every Wednesday several of these mobile restaurants gather in San Carlos at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos just down the street from where I work.

Today I had my heart set on grilled cheese with tomato soup but the courtyard was dominated by wonderful garlic smells coming from the Lil Green Cyclo Vietnamese food truck.  I can't wait to try it when they come back in two weeks.  I will remember to take pictures next time.

A favorite among my co-workers is Senor Sisig, They won best food truck in 2011 and I can see why.  Their food is good and the truck has a really good vibe.  It's Filipino Mexican food which takes a minute for your brain to understand because the burritos just don't taste like what you'd expect.  I give them a two thumbs up for sticking french fries in their burritos.

All food resembling a sandwich in any way should have the option of having french fries stuck in it.  Not to mention you can add an egg to any of their items and that is a big yes-yes for me.

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