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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sci-Fi Life

My favorite movies are Blade Runner, Dark City, The Matrix, Vanilla Sky, and I Robot in order of when they were made.  

What I love about these movies is the idea of your life being more than what you imagined at first.  Or maybe just different from what you imagined.

Through the characters in these movies we experience the play between waking life and dream.  We embark on a quest for reality.  

Am I real?  Am I human?  Am I alive?  Do I want to dream or do I want to wake?  How powerful am I?

Why do these movies completely captivate me?

Can you imagine living out your wildest dreams? Can you imagine something so incredible that you are sure it could never happen but you secretly wish it would?

I believe that your life can be full of miracles and I am experiencing this.

At times it is painful because my heart sometimes breaks from happiness and it almost doesn't seem like my life could possibly be real.  How can I really be living my dreams?  

But it inspires me.  When I'm not caught up in awe of it, I think of what else I will accomplish.

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