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Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you to my sister, http://dinnersbyjodi.blogspot.com/ for a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  It's been fun to have Thanksgiving under her roof every year since 1996.  It's been especially nice to watch our family grow and change too.  When we started out back then it was quite an intimate group with just my sister, her boyfriend and our two families.  Still, that was 8 of us which seemed like a lot.

This year I was more exhausted than I remember ever being in years past, even when I had a 5 month old or a 2 year old plus a 5 month old.  Maybe I just don't remember.   But, it seems like there were plenty of years when we went right out after our meal to see the plaza lights, go to a movie or who knows what else.

This year was epic delicious food, which is actually pretty standard for Thanksgiving and most meals at my sister's house.  With the exception of the littlest one, all our kids are getting pretty grown up and I can see on the near horizon when they really will have nothing at all to do with us.

I think my family deserves multiple awards for seeing me through getting divorced (but still having my ex around) being single and miserable and then bringing around my new husband.  Although, I get an award for marrying an old family friend who everyone already loved.

One of my favorite parts of this trip was sitting around a table full of garbage (chicken fingers, fries, pizza, icees, soft pretzels) at Great Wolf Lodge with my two kids, two of my sister's kids, my sister's brother-in-law and my hubby.  My youngest nephew said, "Auntie, I can't believe you've been married three times already."  My husband looked at me and said, "I think you have some explaining to do."

I don't think I've been married three times, but if E thinks so then maybe I forget about one of the times.  He's really smart.

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