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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Missing Half

I have at least three photographed experiences that I need to post on here.  One of which is a huge ordeal that I took very seriously so I could report back to you about it.

But my darling is really far away right now, my kiddos are with Daddy and I am not feeling well in general.  So I haven't felt like sitting down to share my culinary adventures.

I try very hard to be positive and count my blessings which are abundant.  It is quite unreal how unhappy and unsettled I am without my husband there at the end of the day.  It's hard to accept how sad I am with him gone.  I keep feeling like there is something inherently wrong with me for not just enjoying this time to myself.

But with each passing day I feel more uncomfortable and out of sorts.  I feel a terrible restlessness and the general urge to kick things.  Maybe an evening with my kids tonight will soothe my soul.  In truth, I never feel right without my kids at home.  Marshal is just a distraction from that but he is a fantastic one.

Trying to pray and prayer always helps.

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