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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What happened to this blog?

I took my husband to Navio for brunch for his birthday in October.  I took about 30 pictures to show you how amazing this brunch is so you could see how a person could eat for 2 hours minimum and how it really works and is a wonderful, pleasurable experience.

I have these pictures somewhere.  But something else happened in October and it has derailed me utterly.

Life happens.  There are ups and downs and when life is full of struggle attitude becomes everything.  

I'm one who argues that attitude is everything whether life is throwing you cupcakes or curveballs.  One can look at his lot as bad no matter how good it is and as good no matter how bad it is.

If you look for happiness and seek it out you will be happy.  It's very straightforward but people just can't accept and follow this path for some reason.  Leads me to believe that many people just do not want to be happy.

Do you watch the show Modern Family?  Remember how Gloria almost stepped out of a moving car?  I've slowed down.  Just for now, I've slowed down quite a bit.  

I'll be running 10ks again next fall but for now I'm moving slowly, with a little bit of a waddle.  And my brain is fuzzy and slow.  

I miss my family.  I miss my friends.  I love the weather here and I love my work.  I haven't cooked much in the past months but I may start cooking a bit more now although at the end of the day I'm usually longing for my bed by 6 pm.  

I kind of remember feeling nearly useless 9 years ago but it seems like it didn't matter.  I was working very part time and I just didn't have too many moving parts in my life.  It was just me and Andrew in our little house with our little guy and life seemed pretty simple.  I remember that I just looked forward to having my daughter join us and nothing much worried me.  

So much is up in the air in our lives now that I suppose I am too overwhelmed to even begin to sort out how the chips are going to fall.   But I know that all will be well and that this little one will be fine.

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