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Thursday, January 10, 2013

One of the Best Shows Ever

Today it became clear that the reason Arrested Development failed was its terrible name.  I know this because before I ever watched it I had no less than 20 different people tell me it was amazing and that I would love it and I had no interest in watching it.

I only watched it because when I was dating my husband he told me to watch it and I did, and still do, everything he tells me to do.  It was something we did together actually.  He liked to watch me watch the show to hear me giggle and see me smile and enjoy each episode.  He didn't mind watching them repeatedly and I can see why.

The show is so funny, especially if you are from a neurotic Jewish family or know anyone in a neurotic Jewish family.  The acting is spectacular.  The characters are wonderfully lovable, or despicable - either way you can't get enough of any of them.  

So when I read today that Arrested Development's new season starts in May, at first I thought, "ugh, who wants to watch that?"  And then I realized that I love that show tremendously and I do, I want to watch that!!

You see, it's the name.  It just doesn't sound like something funny or good.  But it is so good.

I promise you, I promise that if you start watching season 1 on Netflix or Amazon Prime or whatever you have, that you too will love this show.

It's silly, ridiculous and wonderful, brilliant fun.


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