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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I like Facebook and the movie This is Forty

I just don't know what is in the realm of normal sometimes.

I like to see other people experiencing the same things in life that I do because it reassures me.

And I like to know what and how people are doing.

I especially like watching people's kids grow up. Most people I know live far away from me since I just moved and because lots of my Facebook friends live all over the country. I love seeing babies turn into kids and little kids turn into big kids.

I wonder if the kids my little ones once played with will ever meet my kids when they are older. I hope so.

I like how there is no winter where I live now. I like how so many people have dogs and how I will probably have chickens someday.

I like feeling my baby kicking me and pushing on me and I like daydreaming about when I get to hold him.

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