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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fire Pit

Last weekend my husband built a fire pit in our backyard.  This was in preparation for our newborn son coming in the next month or so.

We have to move all the furniture in five rooms in our house, procure baby furniture, put it together or at the very least get a car seat and some clothes to put the baby in when he's born, but I think he and I agreed this was a better use of his time.

I was watching Skyfall while he did that.  It took me at least 6 hours to watch Skyfall between the bathroom breaks, naps, and checking on the fire pit.

This is what I like about my husband.  He didn't get mad at me when we finally went to Babies R Us and I said that I hated that place and can't we just put our baby in a cardboard box?

I have a baby registry on Amazon and I think around May 15th I'll just put every single thing on my list in the cart and check out and then there will be stuff for the baby.

Actually, I have been really savvy about getting ready for Jr. thanks to the Coastside Mom's club.  All these awesome women who live by me post when they want to get rid of stuff and if I need it I go get it!

This is the stuff I got so far for free.  Two baby bjorns.  A bouncy chair, some kind of pack n' play (although we haven't actually looked at it yet), one of those things the baby sits in and jumps up and down in, a jog stroller, a regular stroller, some clothes, some swaddler diapers...

Anyway, back to the fire pit.  I like to cook and I have always wanted a wood burning pizza oven so that's what I asked my husband to build, but you have to have some special stuff to make one of those so maybe next weekend.

He really likes playing with fire - but he is one of those guys who, on the spectrum, is very civilized so he wouldn't like me saying it like that.  He would say that he likes to grill, use his smoker, or build fire pits under the auspices of grilling.

It's pretty exciting!

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Honey badger baby said...

Love the fire pit. We have a fire pit and I sit by it every chance I get. We had the grandkids last weekend and had a nice fire and I made burgers on it. Many good wishes as you go through these last few weeks.