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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Native American Criminal

Am I the only one who is outraged with the current case before the Supreme Court regarding 'Native American' people who are trying to use their status to do something reprehensible?

If you get someone pregnant and decide not to have anything to do with your child, you should not get to come back two years later and take her from her actual parents. You are a sperm donor. You have no rights.

I don't care if you are Native American or the President.  If you sign away your rights to your child, you don't get to change your mind later.

What kind of country supports this nonsense? I read that one moronic justice said if the choice is between the biological mother, the biological father and a stranger...

What strangers? The people who raised this child from birth for two years?

The sperm donor is the stranger.

Being a parent has zero to do with biology. That man did nothing to create his daughter. His sperm donation should entitle him to nothing. This person has single handedly made me feel it is time to strip Native Americans of their special rights in order to prevent this kind of outrageous nonsense in the future.  I fully support a complete end to the Indian Child Welfare Act.

The only reason this horrible man has a case is because of a perceived problem in 1978 when too many Native American kids were getting adopted. Hmmm. I wonder why that was happening?  Why would 25 to 35 percent of children be adopted away from their families?  What kind of culture do the Native Americans have that is worth protecting if they could not take care of their children?

Do you, as a Native American want to stand behind a man who signed away all rights and responsibilities for his child until he heard a nice couple was raising her?

If you are a Cherokee and you don't speak out against this, you should be deeply ashamed.

There is no bond or tie between a child and their biological parent. The bond a child has with her parent comes from care. The only parents any of us have are the ones who gave us their time and love - it has nothing to do with biology.

The worst part is that this man was perfectly happy to have no daughter until he heard she had been adopted!  What does that say about him?  He actively opposes adoption?

I can only imagine what adoptive parents go through to get their children. As someone who has merely had to grow mine, I can honestly say I doubt I have what it takes to endure the struggle, waiting, hoping and more it takes in order to adopt a child.  And then living with the idea that someone could take your child away because biology trumps what you have done for that child?

I know that the bond and the love I have with my kids doesn't come from biology. The little 'strangers' born to me become my children over time as I give them love and care.

What a nightmare to have your daughter taken from you after two years of loving her - the two hardest years for certain.

Dusten Brown is a huge disgrace to the Cherokee nation and I hope they let him know it.

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