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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My brother-in-law makes the best guacamole. I knew this a long time ago but got further proof recently when my daughter asked me to get the recipe they use and make her some.

She has never asked me to make her something that someone else made her.  Usually if she likes something new she'll just say she likes it and ask for some but she has had guacamole before and she knew what was happening there was special.

Below is me not exactly following the recipe because I'm pretty sure you should use a lime to get the juice and onion to get the onion flavor, etc.

It looked very pretty for sure....

What I learned from this: 
1. I don't know how to finely chop cilantro or a jalapeno.  
2. It's not easy to make amazingly delicious guacamole.  Maybe only Chuck knows how to do it.

Recently I've been teaching my 11 year-old how to cook for real.  He can turn on the gas stove and melt butter in a pot to cook cheerios.  I also showed him how to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

It's amazing seeing my children grow into these young people.  They are more wonderful than I could have ever hoped or dreamed.  They fill me with nachas every day.  I am so proud of them and I hope that as much as Jacob has taken my attention away from them, he will be for them.  

I hope as he becomes less dependent on only me and more able to spend time with them they will find joy and pleasure in him.  

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