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Monday, January 20, 2014

Feeding the Kids

What I like about feeding six year olds is that they say things like, "this is the best pizza in the whole world."  And they are articulate enough to explain to you why this is the case and not just an exaggeration.   They will explain that it is better than a long list of pizza places you know about and tell you that this time, this pizza was made perfectly in terms of sauce, cheese and crust.

It's really quite something.  And you know it must have been that good when they ask for more the next day.

I wonder if the baby will continue to love eating just about anything we offer to him.   I am deeply and strangely obsessed with him as a person because the only thing I have ever seen him taste and then refuse to eat is green beans.  And that seems reasonable.

As he gets older if he keeps up his willingness to eat whatever I present to him then I will probably end up doing whatever he wants and giving him whatever he wants.  

He is just starting to show an interest in two way communication.  He can sign "more" although does not consistently do so.  He can also "high-five" but I don't know what "high-five" means so I'm not sure there is any possibility that he does either.  He copies sound patterns sometimes and is known to say "da da" - the day is coming soon when there will be no doubt about his first word and my bet is on Daddy.

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