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Friday, February 28, 2014

Tackling Pad See Ew

The very best thing about living out here is that a ton of Asian people also live here.  The only way this could be better is if my husband actually liked Asian food.

He likes American which is the only kind of food I could never eat again and not care.  Except pizza but it's hard to say who can really claim that.  Only Pizza Hut is truly American and I can live without it. Maybe.

I love Japanese food the best but I get very happy when I can have Korean, Vietnamese or Thai.  Several months back I started thinking about a Thai dish I love called pad see ew and wondering about those wide rice noodles.

I finally tried to make them myself and the outcome was fantastic.  And I also found a grocery right by my work where I can buy them fresh so I can have pad see ew at home whenever I like.  But it's time to get a wok.

I've worn out a couple of huge frying pans over the years but they don't get hot enough to do what I need done here. I'm going to look for one at Ranch99 next week.

Why are Chinese grocery stores called Ranch99 or Super Store 888?  What does it mean?

My love of Asian food has no limit.  In fact my children think we are somehow from Japan because of the way I'm always feeding them rice and handing them chopsticks.

Jacob will be my most Japanese kid though.  I don't know why but I can tell this already.  His favorite toy is a tablet that you push to hear hiragana and he loves when I sing him Japanese songs.

He loves rice more than all the kids combined and I'm sure he'll be using chopsticks around the same time he masters a fork.

It's really so fun to learn to cook something you love to eat.  Maybe I'll make some more noodles tomorrow while baby naps.

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