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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Violence in America

What has happened today?  Late this morning my husband told me there was a shooting at the JCC in Overland Park.

I have not sorted through all the emotions I have gone through today.  Grateful for Facebook.  Sad for my Jewish community.  Devastated for those who lost loved ones today. Heartbroken for all of us.  

Every single day I dropped my babies off at the J I worried something like this would happen.  I prayed that it would not.  They were there for six years all year round.  KC has a gem in the JCC.  I admit that I took it for granted - I did not fully appreciate what it meant to me until I moved a thousand miles away.

Today we talked to the kids about what happened and we explained about guns in the US.  The truth is that no group of citizens, no matter how well armed, stands a chance against our government.  There is no reason that we continue with our right to bear arms.  

I have dear friends who love their guns and my husband and his family like hunting.  But forgive me, if I had the power I would take away all your guns.  

I am so far away from all the people I love in Kansas City so I'm sending you what's here with me: the sunshine, the ocean.  I'm sending you the sound of waves crashing endlessly onto the sand.  My heart is with you always.


Honey badger baby said...

Agree Amy. I agree

Honey badger baby said...

I agree Amy. I am heartbroken!