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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob,
I think a lot about what your life must be like.  You are the youngest of five brothers and sisters, but you are also the oldest and first born to your Mom and Dad.  You have three older sisters who adore you and want to Mommy you but you are also an only child.  You have a big brother who loves you, but to you he will always seem like he was a grown-up by the time you can remember.

I don't stay home with you and play with you, take you to the park and on play dates.  There is no Mommy and Me.  You don't get to play with other little ones your age.  Every morning I come get you with big smiles, hugs and kisses and then you see me yell at your brother and sister about this thing or that.  You don't like it when people are complaining, crying or fighting.

I leave you with people who only speak Spanish and I think you love them and I think they love you but I don't know what it must be like to hear two different languages every day.  You seem to prefer Spanish and I think that is great.

You are almost one years old and becoming a toddler right before my eyes.  I'm getting to know your personality and I really like you.  You are full of passion mainly.  You laugh easily and like to play but you get furious if something doesn't go your way and you cry like something is really wrong when it isn't.  Even though it doesn't get you anywhere.  That's just how much you feel it.

Since you were only a few months old you would clench your fists and and all your muscles and hold your breath and shake with excitement when something really awesome was happening - like you getting some good food.  You have stopped doing this because we try to get you to do it and we always laugh.  You are very funny but you don't like it when people laugh at you at all.

You love music.  You started humming yourself to sleep as a newborn and you often talk yourself to sleep. You love to dance and sing and I'm happy because your brother and sisters love music and singing and dancing too.  They let you play the piano sometimes and I like that a lot.

Your Dad and I agree that you are lucky.  I hope you will feel like this too as you grow up.

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