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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today I woke up in a tent in Pescadero.  It was three of the kids' first time camping and they did great.  I love sleeping outside in the fresh air on the ground.

We got home to piles of laundry which I started at noon and will be finishing tonight but in the mean time I made burrata!

I haven't tasted it yet so who knows whether it's good or just looks good.  Either way, it was easy to make and I had fun.  I also did it without a couple of the ingredients I usually have to use so I'm betting it tastes better than my past forays into mozzarella making.  Less chemicals!

I so love cooking and I really want to start trying cheeses.  It's just so incredibly intimidating because it's all science and chemistry.  This is beyond baking even. 

I can't decide what cheese to start with.  I think it will be cheddar.  But how funny to make something and not know for six months if it worked.  I'll get back to you.

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