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Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Gems

I realize that there is no pleasure like holding a baby or watching your small one grow, learn their first words and take their first steps.  I am experiencing this joy right now.  Just today Jacob sent me a voice message via Toymail.  "Hi Mom," he said.  At first I thought it must be my 10 year-old but sure enough it was the baby testing out stringing a couple of words together.  This stage is one of my absolute favorite and I do wish I had more time with him.

People always say little kids, little problems and big kids, big problems and as my big kids start to get really big I start to understand exactly what this means.  But people never explain the deep, profound pleasure that kids begin to give you as they get older.

My son started showing an interest in learning to code over a year ago, saying he wanted to be a Web Developer like me.  I've spent some time showing him websites and books where he call learn HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS and I'm incredibly humbled.  There is no bigger source of pride than your child wanting to be like you in any way let alone looking at what you do in your profession and wanting to do that too.  Especially a child that can easily surpass your skills because he is so much smarter than you as I have noticed all of my children are.

Lately I have somehow been granted a similar joy from my daughter. One of my deepest loves is for signed languages and recently my daughter decided she wanted to learn ASL.  This made me so happy and I started teaching her, but the other night we had the chance to take things to the next level and it was really one of the happiest parenting moments I've had so far on this journey.

I picked her up from Hebrew school and we drove to a nearby mall to the food court to join an ASL practice group.  We were both so excited as we made our way to finding the few others there to sign together.  She wasn't shy, watching and taking it all in and joining right in.  She tried out new signs and followed the fingerspelling.

This is soul pleasure.  To share something so personal to me that I love so dearly with my sweet daughter, this is the pleasure of parenting your children as they grow up.  I so look forward to her learning more and more signing and sharing this with her.  I am so proud of her and of all my kids.

Feeling very blessed.

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