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Monday, March 16, 2015


This kid has pooped on the floor a lot.  The first time I remember him doing it he was just over one and it was the 4th of July.  We'd had a party in our backyard and it was warm out.  He was inside a make-shift playpen and for some reason he was naked.  Everyone had left and we were cleaning up.

I looked over as he was standing there pooping on our driveway.

I am pretty sure I thought it was funny.

I've now lost count of how many times Jacob has pooped on the floor.  All I know is that if I take off his diaper and take my eyes off him there will be poop on the floor.

He always gets very upset about this.  Tonight it was just a diaper malfunction and it wasn't the first time that's happened but it's the first time he came running over to me to tell me about the poop.

He really doesn't want there to be poop.

There is just a lot of poop.  Every day.  I remember so vividly how amazing the potty training went with Noah and Chaya.  I figured it all out and worked with each kid to accommodate issues and reach the goal of diaper freedom in a straight line and in short order.

But what to do with this kid?  He loves his potty book and he loves potty songs and potty videos but his potty chairs are things to put toys in or things to dismantle and throw around the house.

If I show him a toy peeing in his potty he wants to drink the water.

Let's face it, this kid is exceptionally disgusting.  He regularly puts shoes in his mouth, gets in our shower and tries to drink the water around the drain, sticks his hand in his poop every chance he gets, will kiss anyone on the lips who passes his way, will eat sand at the beach, the list goes on.

I've often thought he was a puppy rather than a boy but he is the most beautiful boy.  I know one day he probably won't poop on the floor anymore.  I will try harder to cherish these sweet moments with my youngest son.

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