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Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Happens When the Power Goes Out

I keep thinking about a Facebook post by Gavin the other day.  He said something like, you come across 1 asshole in the morning and nothing else happens the rest of the day - it means you came across 1 asshole.  You come across 5 assholes in the day and you're the asshole.

Lately, I am feeling a little like the punchline of that joke.  It's not a good feeling.

Tonight when my power went out suddenly and for no discernible reason and I walked outside and confirmed that there was no power on at other houses, for a moment it felt good to have no power.

Like the world just stopped.  I liked that feeling immensely.

And I really liked what happened next.  I was not the only one who went outside.  All of my neighbors went outside.  I met my new next door neighbor for the first time and a couple one street over and then I walked over to the street parallel to mine to see all the emergency vehicles.  There I saw a hundred people who live right near my house who I have literally never laid eyes on before.

Everyone had come out of their houses.

All of these couples and families, people with babies and little kids - everyone was walking toward the mess to see why our power was out.

My power has gone out twice since I moved here and both times it was because someone crashed their car into a power pole.  The first time it was right by our house.  Today's was a worse accident; the pole was down on the ground as were the power lines.

The firemen looked very stressed seeing all the people gathering.

But how amazing would our lives be if we didn't have any power?

We would all know each other, meet each other, spend time together.

Do you know why everyone ran out of their houses at 7pm when their power went out?  Because it's warm out and light out and there is nothing to do in a house without power.  There is nothing to watch, nothing to see.

You naturally go outside as long as there is light - and there were all of my neighbors who I never, ever see!

So I'm going to have a huge party I decided.  I'm going to rent a jumpy house and I'm going to make flyers and invite all my neighbors over all up and down my street and the streets to the south and just ask people to bring some drinks or a snack and we will hang out and pretend our power is out.

I'm really going to do this.  Maybe for Memorial day.

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Average Jane said...

What a great reminder of what life can be like when there isn't a screen to look at!