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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

5 Kids

We sometimes have 5 kids.  Well, we always have 5 kids but they are not always in our care all at once.  About 20% of the time we have all 5 kids.  Usually we have 3 kids in our care and that's kind of normal for us.

But when we have all 5 kids we have to think of ways to keep our sanity.  My latest idea was one of my best.

5 kids means a lot of dishes so we do things like ask the children and ourselves to pick a glass for the day and use it all day to cut down on washing glasses and we pick a captain each night to oversee cleaning up after dinner.  But sometimes it's tricky to get all the kids to eat dinner so I decided to try having them cook.

We started with the oldest boy and youngest girl.  They cooked everything you see below with only my guidance and supervision.
They learned how make rice in the rice cooker, roast potatoes, roast asparagus and bake teriyaki salmon.

This was a yummy meal!  And they all ate (or tried) everything!! 

The other two kids did the dishes after and they can't wait for their turn learning to cook stuff.

It's very exciting to teach kids how to cook.  First you have to have tremendous patience as they spill things everywhere because you must not discourage them at any time.

You have to teach them to be careful with all the different cooking and cutting implements and to teach them about oven safety.  

But the excitement and joy that they have on their faces as they learn and then their willingness to try whatever they made is priceless.

Tonight it's pizza, which seems simple but there are many things to consider and they will be learning a lot.  I can't wait!

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