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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Joy of Cooking

Today my daughter brought over a soccer ball ice cream maker so we could make homemade ice cream.  

She asked me if we could do this a couple of weeks ago and I was prepared.  This went kind of well and kind of horribly.

Pros: it's really easy to get going with this.  Unlike our ice cream maker which you have to freeze part of for a day or two before you can even use and then the contraption gets plugged in etc., this is so simple.

You fill the ball with ice and rock salt.  You fill the canister in the ball with cream, sugar and whatever flavor.  

Then you move around the ball until you have ice cream.

It's very good.  We made mint chocolate chip.

But here is what you have to do (that we did not do) you have to go outside in your yard and kick the ball around with four or five people for twenty five minutes.

Cons: if you make your kid move the ball around in the house on your kitchen floor it's totally boring.  There will be a lot of complaining.  And, if you open the ball after ten minutes as the instructions suggest and try to scrape the hard ice cream down into the remaining liquid you may accidentally splash/spill a lot of cream all over your entire kitchen.

So yes it works but no I would never use it again.  In fact, I'm 100% sure if you get a big Tupperware and put ice and salt in it and then put the ingredients in a smaller Tupperware inside of it and shake it for twenty minutes... Well, I'm going to use the ice cream machine next time.

I also attempted vegetarian gyoza tonight  and they were pretty darn good.

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