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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Eating to feel good

There are two ways you can eat to feel good.  One is eating comfort foods or food that tastes good, feels good in your mouth, makes you happy in the moment you eat it.  

The other is eating food that makes you feel good later.  Gives you energy, is easy to digest and keeps you at a good weight.  

The trick in life is to eat the second category of food but to make your eating experiences as close to the first category as possible.

It's not easy.  It takes being purposeful and diligent day in and day out.  It takes eating whole foods or not eating when there are no good choices.

It takes eating some things you don't much like every day - like veggies or more protein than you want to eat. 

I have found that breaking my habit of eating for emotional comfort has deeply impacted me.  It's like dumping all your security blankets all at once - you have nothing left to hold on to so you find your inner strength.

I read The Power of Now recently but I can't grasp it.  I keep thinking about it and trying to understand it.  

Everything you read about spirituality and enlightenment points you in the same direction.  Peace.  Love.  Calm.  Surrender.

How do you get there though? Usually it starts with breathing.  Breathe on purpose, slowly, deeply.

I had an epiphany the other day about breathing.  And I'm sure it's related to being so conscious and careful about what you eat.  I think about where what eat came from.  Who grew it or took care of it.  Where it lived, where it grew, who touched it.  I am more grateful than ever before for what I eat.

The idea behind enlightenment is connectedness.  The concept that what is real in us is connected to everything else and infinite.

But we feel separate almost every moment.  

Except the other day it came to me that I'm alive because I'm breathing in whatever is all around me, mixing it up with whatever is inside me and sending it back and that made me feel a little more connected to everything.

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