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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Prayer for Divorced Parents

Most people with ex-spouses don't have a good relationship with them.

I don't actually understand this though.  At one point in time you loved that person.  You loved them enough to stand up in front of a hundred people and swear that you would take care of them and love them until you died. 

Maybe you even had children with them.  That means you thought your spouse would be a good Mom or Dad.  It means you believed in a future together where you would watch your progeny grow up and you might enjoy grandchildren together.  That means you will always be family with your ex-spouse.

Many things can end a marriage but the truth is that every divorce is equally two people's faults. 

And once the dust has settled, certainly most people can see that being kind to your ex-spouse is the most important thing you can do for your children.

Maybe your kids can't have their parents under one roof, maybe they can't live in one place where they get to go to bed in the same room every night, but if they can at least have parents who treat each other with respect and support each other, then they certainly have enough.

How can anyone forget the love they had for their ex-spouse?  The hopeful months they spent together planning a wedding, buying a house, preparing to meet their children, learning to be parents. 

How can anyone forget how much their children love both their parents?

Let it be our goal to see our ex-spouse through our children's eyes and hearts.

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