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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Feeding a Very Small Human

Dora is telling my child that there might be a way to earn a popcorn party at school.  He just started school so this might be very exciting news to him but I don't let him eat popcorn.

I once heard a comedian say that raising kids is easy, way easier than taking care of a plant, for example.  Why?  According to him, when you get hungry, give the kid some food.  When you get thirsty, give the kid something to drink.  It's pretty good advice.

When Noah and Chaya were born it was a fact that you should not give a kid under 7 popcorn because they could easily choke.

You don't give kids hot dogs, grapes or popcorn because they might choke.  Right?

I am an interesting person in that, on the one hand I really want to do what is right and on the other hand I really don't want to think too much about what I'm doing either way.

This means that if I know that I'm definitely not supposed to feed my kids something then I definitely will not.  But, if some Mom tells me she did it then I will do it.

When Jacob was about 8 months old one of my friends mentioned she found a walnut in her baby's mouth.  Her kid was fine so I decided to give mine peanut butter.

Last month a Mom with a three-year-old told me her daughter loves popcorn.  You guessed it; Jacob had his first few pieces that very day.

I'm so proud of this little guy.  He is potty trained and he has great manners.  If you sneeze he will say bless you and if you give him something he will say thank you.  I understand these qualities come from his Norwegian heritage.

I am enjoying the emergence of his personality as his early Frozen obsession has morphed into a love of anything remotely princess-like.  This somehow includes and even features My Little Pony.  Jacob has loved horses for a long time and even told me today that he is a horse.  I am happy that being a Brony is a thing because he is definitely that.   This adorable boy looks up in the sky when we go out and says to me earnestly, "look at the unicorn on the rainbow in the clouds."  I can almost see it.

But what I can't do is get him My Little Pony boys underwear.  Why not?  Why do I have to buy "girls" underwear for him if I want him to have some that he will be happy to put on the morning?  The other ones he would love are Ana and Elsa or Sophia the First but they strangely don't make those underwear for boys.  And it works both ways apparently.  I take for granted that I can get him Mickey Mouse "boys" underwear but this Dad just decided to buy his daughter boy's underwear.

Should I do that?  He might not act like it's illegal torture when I try to get him dressed in the morning if I were trying to put an Elsa shirt on him but the sleeves on every Elsa shirt have ruffles. What is the difference between toddler underwear for boys and girls?  Why on earth is there a difference?

There is no reason that clothes for little boys and clothes for little girls look so different. I have to say that I am completely done with this.  I even bought Jacob an Elsa dress.

I realize that some people might be raising their eyebrow at the fact that my toddler knows about all these characters and might advise me to just buy him some basic clothes and not worry about whose face is plastered on them.

People talk and talk and talk about men and women in the workplace and subconscious attitudes and wage differential.  Guess what?  It starts right here.

Why are we dressing our children this differently?  Do you know the only reason I don't dress him in Elsa shirts?  Because I know that some kid will tease him.  That's it.

But no other kids are going to see his underwear.  So should I do it?  I think I will.

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mackyton said...

Popcorn party!! When I was a kid the popcorn parties were my favorite. You know my mom arranged a surprise 16th birthday party for me at some garden Los Angeles event venues and used popcorn theme. It was so fun to have my favorite party after so long!!