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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Brownies

can't understand why these are new.  I'm totally baffled as to how this isn't something I grew up with.  Why I never saw these at a baking contest or on a cooking show.

These are the best thing you could bring somewhere as a guest or serve to guests.  I do not get why this is a new thing!

You put cookie dough on the bottom, layer Oreos on top and then pour brownie batter on that.  Bake it and eat it.

I used toll house cookie dough, double stuff Oreos, ghirradeli brownie mix and poured sea salt caramel on top.

This is a divine dessert.

I'm thinking of all the fun stuff you could layer in like peppermint chocolates or snickers bars.

Anyway, make it immediately.

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