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Friday, December 11, 2015


I'm so proud today.  My 6th grader worked really hard and made principal's honor roll. And it's not just that.  My 8th grader has done this more quarters than not since he started middle school but honestly it's hard to really understand this until you go to an assembly and realize that not every kid manages this.

I was so proud of my little girl that I cried because these kids are so motivated to excel in school and they do this all on their own.

Yes, I have helped them study for tests when they ask me to quiz them but that is very rare.  Since they started school at 5 years old I have barely asked them if they had homework.  School is theirs and they own it like champs.

These children want to succeed, they are willing to work hard and I haven't pushed that on them.  I hope it's something I modeled but their will to do well is internal.

I am proud of them and in awe.  I remember getting pretty unremarkable grades in middle school.  In fact, if I reflect on life when I was that age it's like I grew up in Olden Times compared to my children.

They know more about everything, have been all over the world and are just all around incredible people.  I am in awe of them and what they do in life.

Last spring Marshal and I were staying in a hotel with all five kids and I remember there was a moment when we checked in kind of late in the evening and the kids were all being wild and we herded them into the elevator.  We looked exhausted and stressed to the hilt.  The kids were all being their individual versions of weird and Jacob was screeching.  We felt terrible for the man on the elevator with us.  But he looked at us and said, 'you are wealthy.'

It was a little bit upsetting to hear just then.  We felt overwhelmed and unhappy and then ungrateful and ashamed but lately I really understand his comment.

I am wealthy because of these five kids I get to raise.  They are gems.  They are riches.  They are vast and untold wealth. I am counting the days until I get all five of them again.  I really can't wait and I will enjoy, savor every moment.  I will give my full attention to each one and hear them and see them.  For seven days, with nothing to interrupt, I'll enjoy my real wealth!

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So beautifully put.