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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vending Machines

Someone please tell me why we don't have vending machines everywhere in the U.S.?  And more importantly, why don't we have awesome ones?
I want to get ice cream out of a vending machine on Main Street in Half Moon Bay, 24/7.
I'll admit this is an uncommon one, but if it can be done I want it in my town.  French fries, hot dogs, yaki onigiri...
I really just want 20 vending machines lined up in a row.
Some people want to get a waffle from a vending machine.
To be perfectly honest, I have a dream to open a space on Main Street in Half Moon Bay with a bunch of Japanese vending machines.  I actually think it's possible to execute this dream soon but I'm a little embarrassed - what kind of dream is that?

Let's just say, if you have this dream too or you want this, please let me know!

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