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Friday, May 27, 2016

Zombie Apocalypse Horse Cake

A few weeks ago I found an excellent book at the middle school book fair.  It's called Cake My Day.

I bought it because my son was going to turn 3 and I saw directions in this book on how to make a horse cake.  I also thought there were a lot of neat recipes in here so I got it.

Right from the start I knew I could have an entire years worth of blog entries showing my cake fails if I attempted the recipes in this book.  In fact, the first thing I did after picking out all my favorite recipes was to scour the Internet for cake fail pictures from attempts to recreate the impossible cakes in this book.

I figured the horse cake would be doable even though I planned to alter the horse.

I took this idea:
I thought I'd simply frost it and make a brown horse.

This was a great idea on my part.  There was no reason this would not work.  

But when I assembled my cake it looked so disturbing that I felt it more resembled a zombie horse than a regular one.
The side you can't see has a big chunk missing from the side of its face.

The best thing about my kids is that they are always totally impressed by my efforts to make them cakes.  This was my biggest cake fail yet but my son loves it so much.  He was so happy with it.

He thought it was odd that I let him take the front off and eat it along with an eye and an ear.  I don't think he even had a bite of the cake after that.

My husband went for one of the Oreo stack legs and nearly toppled the entire beast.

I don't know why but my favorite part of the specialty cake process is destroying it after it's done.  

In any case, I think I get what's happening in this book now with the shapes and whatnot and I'd like to try again.

Not with the horse cake though.  

Unless I decide to attempt every cake in this book.  It would provide a lot of laughs.  

More cakes to come in a month...

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