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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Masala Potatoes

It has been challenging not to write all this time about the Presidential election.  I have learned more about American history and politics these past months than in the previous several decades of living in the U.S.  I have learned more about sexism, fear and the real problems that the people of the United States are facing.  I didn't realize how upsetting it is for rural America to have to cope with the changing population and the changing morality all around them.

I got to know the U.S. population a bit better and I see how much pain so many people are in and it has inspired me to give more.  I don't want my fellow Americans to be in pain.

I have often tried to engage Trump supporters to find out what he stands for that they stand for but I only get vitriol about Clinton.  I genuinely do not understand why people hate Clinton.  The items that are cited to me as reasons why people hate her are things I know to be false or, at worst, not a reason to hate such an experienced, dedicated and admirable person.  I have yet to find reason or logic in any conversation that I have had with Trump supporters about why they are voting for him.

The closest thing to reason I have heard was something about abortion.  But Trump has always been pro-choice.  One person said they believe him that he has changed his position on abortion but given the frequency with which he lies that is not reasonable. I'm forced to believe that every single Trump supporter is either sexist, racist or in some other way full of hate and therefore Trump is their guy.

The best thing happened this weekend though.  I was added to the secret group for people who support Clinton.  No debating.  No vitriol.  No anger or hate.  Just story after story after positive story about why we are delighted to be voting for Hillary Clinton.

If we make it through this election without turning into Idiocracy I vow to reach out to people who are struggling and do more for them.  I will do my part to build bridges in this country.  To forge bonds with people who are afraid so that they will instead find hope.  

I don't know how to help people who want to make America white or who want women back in their place behind men or who want to dictate sexuality or what others do with their bodies.  I want to know because we are all in this together.  I don't ever want an election like this to happen again and I want to do my part in bridging the divides.

But for now I made masala potato dosas.

The paper dosa is my latest food obsession and I was delighted to discover I could buy the mix in my local Indian grocery store.  It took me some time to master how to cook this so it would be paper-thin, crispy and delicious.  But you can't serve a paper dosa as anything other than a snack and it doesn't really work as a side dish to anything not Indian that I can think of.

Thus came the task of making a filling for it so I could serve this as dinner.
The problem I've always had trying to cook Indian food is that I don't have the spices in my kitchen. There are a lot of spices involved in cooking any Indian dish.  This one required things like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, urad dal and asafoetida.  Wait, what?

Yeah, I looked in a couple of grocery stores and they don't carry those things.  Of course the Indian grocery store carries all of it but it took courage to go in there with my shopping list and buy these things.  Especially asafoetida.  That is literally not even food.  But it has a really strong flavor.  It is the flavor of Indian food!  I loved the feedback I got while cooking this.  It smelled amazing!

I bought the spices a month ago and the potatoes and red onion a couple of weeks ago and today I finally decided to pull the trigger and get out all these different spices I've never used before and try a combination of recipes to come up with my masala potato filling.

It was damn good and completely easy to make.  Yay!  Score!  Adding this hardcore dinner to the rotation.  The kids loved it!

Thank you to the Chennai Club for introducing me to this deliciousness!

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