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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Where did I go?

8 months ago a truly terrible thing happened.  I don't like to think about it or talk about it.  If you ever read this blog and you saw my last post you know that I did not post after this terrible event and there are several reasons why.

One of the main reasons is fear.  I don't know how people so openly express their feelings of horror about their own President.  This doesn't seem like something anyone should do.  While I understand there is freedom of speech, when it comes to this person, I don't believe that I have that freedom.

I am truly terrified of our President.  What woman could claim anything else when they have heard him say that he can just grab anyone he wants by the pussy.

I was and will forever be disappointed by the women I know who voted for this man, for whatever their reason, because he admits to sexual assault proudly.  I don't say that he admitted to it because his every move since saying those words has been in the same vein, the same tone.  Just this week he posted a video of himself assaulting someone.  He is predatory.  

As it is for most people, I have grown accustomed to who the current President of the United States is and I am learning to cope with the terror and anxiety of this reality.  I imagine a time when someone with dignity and respect will lead us again.  I try to focus on controlling myself and the way I behave.

I missed writing and felt too afraid to write.  How can I write about food with this hanging over us all?

But I'll try.  And maybe I'll write about other things and leave food behind.  This is my place and I can write about whatever I want.  Maybe I'll even tell a story.

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